Understanding Colloidal Silver – What does it have to do with the Flu?

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What is colloidal silver, what is it used for, why do the “MEDICAL EXPERTS” hate it so much, and why should I care. These are big questions that I intend to answer here in this article. My intended audience are those looking to take back ownership of their own health through proactive self-heath to live an optimal life full of happiness and opportunity. Those that make it through this article will hopefully have a new tool to maintain their family’s health.

MEDICAL WARNING: The following content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


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Silver has been used safely and effectively in medicine since Hippocrates first wrote about its properties in 400 BC. Since ancient history, silver has been extensively used as a therapeutic agent. As a naturally occurring element, the ionized form of silver (Ag+1) is well-known for its therapeutic properties.

Early Antimicrobial Uses of Silver

We have all heard stories of ancient Greece, Egypt, Macedonia, Phoenicia, and Rome using the silver bottles or coins to store water, wine, and vinegar to prevent spoiling. This tradition was carried on to America’s old west where silver coins were dropped into drinking water barrels for protection against water-borne illness, and during the Civil War, silver was used to treat syphilis. In the 1880s, the use of silver nitrate in the eyes of newborn infants to prevent post-delivery infections was introduced. 

Colloidal Silver was Discovered in the 1890’s

Colloidal silver was first used in 1891 by a surgeon named B.C Crede to sterilize wounds. The use of silver grew in popularity between 1900 to the 1940s. By the 1930s, Colloidal silver was the preferred choice of physicians for empowering the immune system and supporting the body’s innate healing process. Silver was even used to treat infections on the World War I battlefields. However, with the advent of antibiotics, the medicinal usage of silver declined thereafter.

Modern Uses for Silver

Silver based Sulfadiazine has been the standard of care in burn centers worldwide since 1968. In the mid-1960s, Johnson Space Center developed a lightweight generator to dispense silver ions into the drinking water aboard Apollo spacecraft to kill bacteria, and in 2015, NASA approved the use of a silver-based water purification system aboard the International Space Station. However, what is more exciting is that silver is experiencing a resurgence in popularity as consumers seek out more natural ways to support their health.

Colloidal Silver is Nature's Antibiotic

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As seen in the diagram above, silver is deadly to bacteria as well as viruses, fungus, and has been shown to dispatch the worse of these pathogens in minutes. The active silver mechanism is the silver ion which 1) attaches itself to the microbes body causing destabilization, 2) starves and suffocates the microbe through enzyme oxidation, then 3) attaches to the microbe DNA preventing it from multiplying. Even better, the silver is stored in the dead microbes cells making them deadly to other microbes killing them as well.

Colloidal Silver vs. IONIC Silver

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Believe it or not, most products on the shelf claiming to be colloidal silver are not…they are ionic silver. They are both produced using similar electrolysis methods, but colloidal silver takes some extra steps to condense the ions into particles and to stabilize them into useful Nano particles less than 14nm. Let me unpack that for you.

The Active Form of Silver

Ionic silver is the active form of silver that offers the antibiotic benefit. However, being the active format, it is very reactive and can be converted easily to its inactive format – silver chloride – when exposed to chlorides. While colloidal silver is true silver particles and not the active format, the silver particles create a slow release mechanism continually releasing silver ions providing a lasting antibiotic protection. So which is better…that depends on the application.

Internal Use – Cold and Flu

The most common use of colloidal silver is as an antibiotic to treat the cold and flu by drinking it to build up levels in the blood. However, stomach acids (HCl) quickly convert ionic silver to silver chloride rendering it inactive. Therefore, colloidal silver is more effective for internal use as it can successfully pass through the stomach acids into the bloodstream in a bioactive format. The slow release mechanism allows the IONs to be released throughout the body for greater affect over a longer period.

External Use – Wounds, Burns, and Infection

The second most common use for colloidal silver is to treat wounds, burns, and infections. In this case, topical treatment doesn’t expose the silver ions to chlorides so ionic silver as the active format offers the most effective treatment. However, an optimized balanced formula like BioSILVER offers the benefits of both for fast and long-lasting affect.

Lungs and Sinuses

Colloidal silver is used for treating infections in the lungs and sinuses which is internal use….right? This is a mixed bag. While it is internal use, the inhalation of ionic silver it not exposed to chlorides so the active ionic silver may be the most effective treatment. However, the lungs and sinus infections go deep so a longer lasting colloidal slow release protocol may be more effective overall. Again, optimized colloidal silver methods are best used here as discussed a little later. 

Teeth and Gums

Again, while it is an internal use, the ionic active format is the more effective treatment for gum disease. But an optimized option is likely the better choice.

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Optimized Colloidal Silver

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Is all colloidal silver created equally? We intuitively know the answer to this…of course not. Colloidal silver is differentiated by a number of factors from the previous ION vs. PARTICLE debate, particle size, bioactivity, purity, and strength. From my research I have found the things in the graphic above to be the most important in creating a bio-active colloidal silver or ionic silver formula:

  1. Purity: First and foremost, the ingredients must be pure. All that is needed is a very pure lab-grade water and a silver anode with 4 nines of purity to produce pure colloidal silver. Nothing else should be present.
  2. Particle Size: While the ionic format is always sub-nano in size, ions naturally want to convert to particles so the ions must be stabilized or they become ineffective. Ionic silver should be clear or it is converting to particles and is not a stable product. Colloidal silver should be clear, but golden in color…the darker the liquid, the larger the particle size. Again, the colloidal silver must be stabilized or it will lose its effectiveness. The ability to stabilize their product at a sub-14nm size is each colloidal silver manufacturer’s prized secret formula that keeps them in business.
  3. PPM: Each company chooses their optimal product strength in parts per million to standardize their formula. While this should be irrelevant as we just dose differently based on strength, I have found that the higher the PPM, the larger the particles and the lower the stability. My preference is 20 PPM as it offer optimal particle size and stability along with preferred dosing. It allows me to consume an ounce every 6 hours until my flu symptoms are gone.
  4. Bio-Activity: This is a lot to do with marketing, but is an important point. The smaller the particle size the more surface area is offered for optimal effectiveness. Since it only takes a single ION per microbe, it is better to have 1000 small ions than 10 large ones. 
  5. Ratio: Why chose Ionic or Colloidal when you can have both. BioSILVER offers 80 percent ionic and 20 percent colloidal while TruSILVER offers the reverse. This allows an optimal mixture for internal and external usage by bringing both the active and the long lasting formulation to all use cases.

Modern Medicine vs. Colloidal Silver

I am not sure I understand why or how, but “MEDICAL EXERTS” have been elevated over the last few decades to saintly status…they are believed to speak the word of GOD! Somehow, common sense has disappeared, and people are willingly, immediately, and without thought jumping off bridges at the command of any “MEDICAL EXERT”.

Medicine is a For-Profit Business

Everybody has forgotten that the medical industry is a FOR-PROFIT BUSINESS, pharmaceutical commercials are marketing, and doctors are salesmen that get commissions on their sales. These medical practitioners only stay in business if you keep buying their products and services and become extremely rich when you consume medical services in excess. Furthermore, the “DOCTORS” that speak at command for politicians are not actually practicing doctors, they are spokesmodels for the pharmaceutical lobbyists that spend much more in Washington DC than any other special interest group by far to pervert laws against the people as well as to force their will on us.

Cures are not Profitable

Have you ever wondered why the “MEDICAL EXPERTS” never “CURE” anything and only treat symptoms, never the cause? Why do they want to repeatedly “VACCINATE” 8 billion healthy people vs. cure the few hundred sick ones per year? Obviously, it is because it is much more profitable to milk us for ongoing issues than to fix them, especially when they can flip the equation and milk the majority of healthy people rather than the few actually sick. For example, do you think they have any motivation to cure cancer? If I invented a free cure for cancer, I would singlehandedly wipe out a trillion dollar global industry making all cancer research and researchers and related education and universities, cancer care facilities, and cancer care equipment obsolete worldwide. All those caner professionals would instantly be out of an incredibly lucrative job. Why would the cancer care industry want me to do this when they can continue making a trillion dollars a year and growing this industry forever?

The Threat of Alternative Medicine

Most every trip to the doctor is in support of an existing or leads to a new prescription. Most every prescription has a side effect that requires another trip to the doctor which requires another new prescription to treat. This is why most doctor goers feel so bad and why they have so many prescriptions in their medicine cabinet and why they spend so much time at the doctors. The truth is that if they just stop taking all those prescriptions, they would probably feel much better…almost immediately.

This is the threat of alternative medicine, easy access to effective medical tools eliminates the need for pharmaceuticals in the first place stopping the medical hamster wheel in its tracks. Everyone feels much better when they don’t take their prescriptions to chase the symptoms while treating and eliminating the cause instead. Because proactive health eliminates most issues, and alternative medicine has non-pharmaceutical options for basic things such as cold and flu, infections and wounds – that means that people would only go to doctors for times that they actually need them and that scenario is not very profitable.

Profitable Patents

For the medical industry, the problem with colloidal silver is that it is not patentable. As a natural medicine that has been around for 2000 years, there is nothing unique about colloidal silver that would allow it to be controlled through a patent or a prescription requirement that would allow the industry to overcharge as they can with petroleum-based pharmaceuticals. Patents are what make the pharmaceutical industry so rich. It allows them to create a monopoly that they can exploit by overcharging for a defined period of time and further drive up its cost by making it a controlled substance.

Using patents, the pharmaceutical industry can charge hundreds of dollars for a single dose of an antibiotic and legally have no competition. Plus, the side-effects lead to additional doctor visits and additional prescriptions. However, with a non-patentable colloidal sliver solution, individuals can – without prescription – freely buy dozens of doses of a safe and effective treatment without side-effects in a competitive market for about $20 and avoid the medical hamster wheel. That competitive market drives better pricing, continued product innovation, and greater supply. Which do you think they want you to buy, their few hundred dollar patented prescription or someone else’s inexpensive colloidal silver product that does the same thing?

If Colloidal Silver is so great, why is it not more popular?

Colloidal silver is actually extremely popular, especially outside the United States where pharmaceutical commercials and lobbying is illegal as it should be. However, in the United States and elsewhere, marketing natural remedies has been made illegal by pharmaceutical lobbyists and the alternative medicine practitioner voices are drowned out by billions of dollars in pharmaceutical advertising and medical practitioners who have been trained in biased pharmaceutical funded medical schools. Who do you think earns more money – pharmaceutical-based physicians or naturopathic doctors…wonder why?


The truth is that we are all bombarded with propaganda endlessly through the media, government, and commercials which is echoed through our universities and politicians and pounded in through the use of “MEDICAL EXPERTS” and all their “BENEVOLENT” programs such as vaccinating the world – whether you want it or not. Need I say more?


Did you notice that research is only done by the company that profits from the results? How can it be anything but biased when there is no third-party verification and the positive results are potentially worth billions to the researchers? No, the FDA is not a third party as it is run by pharmaceutical insiders related to the companies they are reviewing. The inmates are running the asylum. 

Research is the new barrier to entry to beat down the competition. When you are a Fortune 500 company making billions off their products, a couple million dollar research facility is cheap. However, for startup companies with the cure for cancer, it becomes a no-start scenario as the game is rigged to begin with. The FDA directors are industry insiders who can make things easy for their friends, but impossible for a new startup to get approval on their product. This is why there is no innovation in the pharmaceutical sector and why we only treat symptoms. 

Even worse, research is biased like statistics and can be used to prove any desired results by selectively reporting the results. Scholarly reviews are more like popularity contests or political debates than actual science-based reviews. In truth, any new medication would require decades of study to be able to determine the effects of decades of use so there is no way to be certain of any results. However, the research almost guarantees a patentable product for friends of the FDA and a monopoly on the market offering decades of abusive pricing.

There is no motivation to do research on  natural medicines like colloidal silver as it is not patentable and the FDA is not friendly to alternative medicine. Plus, alternative medicine advocates practicing proactive self-health have no desire to make it a prescription and take the power away from the people they serve. This is a shame given the 2000 years of rich medical silver history that would provide far more convincing research than new untested vaccines made with mercury and aluminum and new RNA methods that alter your human DNA. I am sure that there could be no bad consequences in playing God with your DNA.

So why is there no research on alternative medicine? Because it is freely available and inexpensive while offering exhaustive observational data to prove its value. We don’t need a research study to prove that the stars exist in the sky…we can see them with our own eyes.


The alternative medicine industry is under siege by the medical establishment and are losing the war. All our freely available medicines are being outlawed as they are seen to compete strongly with the pharmaceutical products without the nasty pharmaceutical side-effects. 

Our medical law and regulations are not written by congress like many think. It is drafted by the pharmaceutical industry lobbyists that work for the pharmaceutical companies. The drafts are then given to pay-to-play politicians who propose them during sessions. These morons are obviously not smart enough to understand nor write the legislation themselves. There is a reason that the medical lobbyists are spending far more than any other lobby group in Washington DC – the pharmaceutical industry is exorbitantly profitable and even more so when they regulate the competition out of existence and use congress to protect themselves from the liability for the damage they do with these unsafe treatments. Did you know that the COVID19 vaccine manufacturers have legal exemptions in place to hold them harmless in case of death or harm to their users? That is right folks, you are on your own if you dare take these poisons.

Because of this ever growing legislation, alternative medical companies are not allowed to provide pertinent info on our labels or instruct customers on benefits under threat of being shut down. This makes it difficult for alternative medicine customers to use alternative medicine products requiring lots of personal time to research. Therefore, when you look up options to treat the flu, you don’t see colloidal silver, you see medical advertisements and fear articles to entice you to surrender your own health to “MEDICAL EXPERTS”.

The Blue Guy

Because colloidal silver poses no known health risks, the media’s favorite “DIG” on colloidal silver is that it will turn you blue. To prove their point, they have made a media sensation over a crazy old guy that had abused silver for decades and discolored his skin.

Adding Common Sense:

  1. Only One Example: This is extremely rare. He may be the only example in the history of mankind with over 2000 years of historical medical use. If there were 100 examples, this would still be extremely rare in a 2000 year history. On the other hand, petroleum-based antibiotic pharmaceuticals actually kill 100s or 1000s of users every year due to “complications” – compare that.
  2. Not a Daily Supplement: Colloidal silver should be used as an antibiotic, not a daily supplement. However, a significant portion of colloidal silver users are taking it as a daily supplement without issue. If you choose to do so, remember to only consume the colloidal silver format as much of the ionic format will immediately turn to silver chloride in the stomach.
  3. Decades of Abuse: To turn blue, he had to drink a quart to a gallon a day for decades and basically bathed in the stuff spreading it from head to toe. Listen to his interviews for more insight. This required extreme abuse for decades to get there using 100s or 1000s of times the recommended maximum safe dosage. He is actually a testament to the safety of medical silver use being able to abuse it like that for 30 years and still be happy and healthy.
  4. Consumed Ionic, not Colloidal Silver: He created and consumed ionic silver, not colloidal silver. While colloidal silver safely passes through the stomach as a particle, ionic silver converts to silver chloride in the stomach which allowed it to collect in his cells over the decades. 
  5. Particle Size and PPM: In my opinion, he incorrectly made his own home brew ionic, not colloidal silver, at too high a PPM with too large a particle size. You can tell by the darker color of the colloidal silver he showed to be drinking in his videos. The larger sized silver chlorides can lodge in the cells.
  6. Any Abused Medication can do Damage: The bottom line is that abusing any medication can cause damage. Even water consumed in too great of quantities can kill a person.

When interviewed, it was obvious that he was a bit crazy, but he seemed healthy and happy. When asked if he would have not taken the ionic silver in retrospect if he would have known he would have turned blue, he said he would not have changed a thing. He continues to this day to make his own ionic silver and consume mass quantities daily.

What does it have to do with the flu and why should I care?

This brings us full circle from our original question. By now, if you were paying attention, you would know that colloidal silver is an effective treatment against the flu. Please see my personal case study on how my family and I use colloidal silver to deal with the flu when it finds its way into our household:

Managing the Flu

In short, if I feel an immune hit and feel like I am coming down with something, my personal formula is to take an ounce of colloidal silver at first sign and then again every 6 hours until the symptoms go away. No, this is not a cure – but a treatment. As the silver particles build up in your blood, they act in concert with your own immune system to defeat the invaders and can be scaled to meet your need. I often find that one dose is enough to stop the flu in its tracks. A particularly nasty flu can take a half dozen doses to beat. Any more than that and you may need to consider medical assistance which has never been the case for my extremely healthy family.

I should also point out that colloidal silver should be treated as a natural antibiotic and only be taken in volume when needed. Low doses are fine during flu season or during various treatments, but this is not meant to be a daily supplement.

Why you Should Care

Nobody should give away their power, especially over their health. Our tools should not only be readily available, but inexpensive and easy to make if needed. When you depend solely on the medical industry for your wellbeing, what happens when they are no longer available due to a job loss, or other catastrophe – how will you care for your family? If you choose prescriptions to keep you alive over healthy living which allows you to thrive, what will happen when the prescriptions are too expensive for you to afford?

By practicing proactive health, you no longer are dependent on an industry who obviously does not have your best interest in mind. That’s right, they are profit first or they go away. By depending on yourself, living a heathy lifestyle, using natural medicine when needed, you limit your exposure to the medical industry to only times that they are actually needed. This will optimize yours and your family’s happiness, minimize your expenses and empower you to live the best life you can.

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