A Proactive Flu Strategy – Beat or Avoid the Seasonal Flu

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The best way to beat the flu is to not get it in the first place. This requires either lucky genetics, or a great proactive immunity strategy to defend against exposure. This article outlines a proactive strategy for defending against and options for dealing with the flu if contracted. 

MEDICAL WARNING: The following content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

The variables in your flu defense

There are several variables in building a defense against the flu including exposure, cleanliness, lifestyle (diet & exercise), mental health, sleep, and immunities. While lifestyle, mental health, and sleep all could be categorized under immunities, they are important enough to discuss on their own.


It is not practical to live in a bubble to avoid the flu unless you are part of the highest-risk categories with significant health troubles – but this is not the intended audience for this article. In fact, it is not a good practice to live in a bubble to avoid the flu or you will be more susceptible when exposed. A smarter approach is to live your life, but practice great hygiene in high risk areas. Then to clean and disinfect when returning to your private living environment not to pass on any germs. This exposure is important to building your own immunities against the flu…but expose yourself in moderation and with intelligence.

It is also worth noting that it is your responsibility not to risk exposing others when you contract the flu yourself. Don’t be that guy that comes to work sick bragging about how they never miss a day then end up taking the whole office down with them.


Flu season or during times you are surrounded by sick people in school or at work, it is a great time to take more showers and to wash your hands more. You also don’t want to bring the germs with you into your home so practice washing your hands and do not wear your shoes into the house. Remove any exposed clothing and replace with fresh options.

Your immune system can mostly deal with exposure if it is not overwhelmed or taken internally. Yes, that is right, taken internally. Colds and flu germs are mostly transmitted through putting your infected fingers in your nose, mouth, or eyes as they are best transmitted thorough moisture. DON’T DO THAT!


The best way to avoid contracting the cold and flu is by being heathy in the first place. People living healthy lifestyles with great diets and lots of sunshine and exercise typically have better immunities to begin with. The diet and exercise is critical for mental and sleep reasons as well discussed next. Like the saying goes, healthy people are happy people.

Mental Health

An unhealthy biome is one that is very acidic with pH levels below 5.5 making it prime for disease. Have you ever noticed that hospitals smell like ammonia? This not just the cleaner used to disinfect, it is exuding from all the sick people due to their acidic pH. With few exceptions, the sick people in a hospital have pH levels below 5.5.

What does this have to do with mental health? Lots! No matter how healthy your diet or your tactics to keep your pH levels high, a bad attitude will instantly lower you pH levels drastically. This is why depressed people are often sick. The best way to feel good again is to get out and do some heathy exercise to rise your spirits to assist with that depression. Therefore, if you are dealing with depression, then it is imperative that you boost your other strategies to compensate.


The lack of sleep is very unhealthy for many reasons. However, in the context of defending against the cold and flu season, it drastically lowers your immunities. If you have ever had a night without sleep, you know that sick feeling that follows sometimes for days. You may have also experienced getting a cold or flu symptoms immediately thereafter. During flu season it is important to practice great sleep habits to keep up your immunities.


Assuming you are managing all other variables discussed up to this point, the rest of the conversation is about boosting and supporting your immunities as well as keeping your environment clean. This three step strategy is detailed in the next section.

Defending Against the Cold and Flu Season

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Using a war analogy, BOOSTING YOUR IMMUNITIES is like raising an army, training them, and arming them to keep your kingdom safe from invaders. Then to KEEP YOUR ENVIRONMENT CLEAN is like building a castle with walls, a moat, and other fortifications to keep invaders out and to provide your army with the advantage to avoid or eliminate larger hostile forces. However, there are times your fortress can be met with overwhelming forces where reinforcements need to be called in at the size needed to win the war. If your 1000 troops are besieged with 10,000 hostile forces, then SUPPORT YOUR IMMUNITIES is like calling in 100,000 friendly troops from the north to easily eliminate the threat. This is what our Colloidal Silver products can do for you.

A Cold and Flu Defensive Strategy

If you are living a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise, are happy and stress free with great mental health, and have great sleep patterns, then you are off to a great start. If not, you will probably need to double down on the following strategies. While this three step proactive flu strategy is common sense, it is not often practiced leading to much more time in the sick bed than necessary. In addition, although these are strategies that are meant to make you ready for the flu season, there is not any reason that you cannot practice this strategy all year long.

Step 1 – Boost your Immunities



Step 2 – Clean your Environment



Step 3 – Support your Immunities



Putting it all Together


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