Our mission

It is our mission to help set a vision for optimal health and to help you achieve it. We look to simplify the journey by offering our knowledge base to provide a detailed guide for achieving a healthy lifestyle, recipes to deal with challenges along the way, and a store complete with all the recommended tools to make it happen. We walk our own talk to separate the useful from the hype so you don’t have to and avail ourselves to consult when needed.

Our values

It is our values to do it right, or don’t do it at all – we don’t cut corners in any way. We believe that we need to be the change we wish to see in the world, so we live the healthy lifestyle we promote and do not recommend any health solutions that we do not use ourselves. We believe that “health in abundance” begins with “life in abundance” so we look to give back more than we take. In the end, we value your smiles as this in turn brings us smiles and builds a better world.

100 % Made in USA

Sourcing good product is TOUGH…so we gave up and decided it was time to make it ourselves. No two supplements are equivalent, even from the same label as two different batches can have variances. Some formats of vitamins and minerals are more bio-available than others. Many products purporting to be the same are very different formulations which should not be used in the same way. Some sources were found to cut their ingredients which waters down the effect. So given all these complications, we decided to make it ourselves to control our end-to-end product quality. 


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Bill Barraugh
Ceo / Founder

Entrepreneurial by nature, healthy by design, and focused on bringing simplicity to a healthy lifestyle while sharing my findings.

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tracy beck

Having tried ALL the health strategies and products herself to separate the winners from the hype, our company direction is based on her findings.

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Ola Nordmann

A stickler for quality, an eye for optimization, and a wizard in processes, our product perfection is assured based on her expert direction.

Our clients

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The flu season was getting in the way of our broader team completing an important project. Using the immunity boost kit found here, my team and I boosted our immunities with vitamin C and D3 plus zinc and avoided getting sick. 

The Thrival Labs sleep issue blog caught my attention as I was really having issues. The detailed conversation offered a glimpse into where I could improve my lifestyle to better my sleep with instructions on how to get there. I feel so much better now that I can sleep normally again.

I was burning the candle at both ends and feeling run down until I ran across Thrival Labs and their lifestyle approach to health. While I admit that I am not 100 percent following the instructions, I feel like a whole new person and find that not only am I more productive, I enjoy life more now.